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The single best converter in the App Store

Having tried and tested many unit conversion applications since App Stores debut, I can attest that no other is as easy and pleasant to use as this one. Via its straightforward, uncluttered and slick interface, any of the 151 supported units (and counting...) can be converted in no time. Now thats what I call a bargain!


A very good one, but can you please add the Turkish Lira to currency? thanks alot...


(English below) tut was es sagt, ich hatte keine Probleme damit. Jedoch ist die Bedienbarkeit weiter unter der von Convert Pad (habe auf die iPad Version heftig gewartet) does what it says, I didnt have any problems with it, but the usability is much less than Convert Pad (was waiting for this to come to the ipad).

Awesome will use alot

Great perfect


I would like to see "Stones" added to the weight category. Everything else is perfect. Nice job.


The country you are in doesnt matter, converter is a must.

Turkish Lira is a must / Turk Lirası istiyoruz

Turk lirasının olmaması eksiklik. Onun dısında iyi app. Its a pity there is no Turkish liras on currency section. Apart from this, the app is OK. WE WANT TURKISH LIRA on currency section!

Ottimo convertitore

Fantastico... Michele8eight

Useful and easy to use

Simple but very useful application that provides all the conversion on single screen, The results are equally useful as it provides all the possible conversion, too.

Lacks currency conversion

It is a good app but it lacks the most important feature currency conversion I bought it without noticing it lacks this feature otherwise I wouldnt have it

Nice and Handy but fooled again maybe?

I bought this app because I liked the interface and it seemed to have the measurements I need. The big sellin gpoint was someone mentioned it did Asian measurements like Tsubo here in Japan. I dont see it so far.

No Asian Measure

I wanted Asian measures but I dont see them either. WIthout them, your average unit converter.

Precious Alloys

I love the layout how it shows many conversions at once but for the fact I work with precious alloys (troy oz. and pennyweight) Ill need two converters.

Great but lacking one thing

I love this app, it is awesome for my chem class but I would like to see a resistance converter for electronics class


Pressure conversions arent correct..I need them to be correct so this app was a waste of my time and money.

Nice but a request

Please add ft inch conversions in format x-x x/x". This would be very handy for construction.

NO ml or kl or other ls

This app is great but umm what ever happened to millileters and millileters under the volume section. Add it please! It would make this app worth the dollar I payed for it.

Add Croatian Kuna!

Update-Thanks for adding the Croatian Kuna! I needed it yesterday and it works great. I just updated this review to 5 stars. Thanks for listening! Great interface & great app. The best one and easy to use. But please add Croatian Kuna to the currency converter. Beautiful Croatia is becoming a popular tourist spot & I go there every summer! Thanks! :)

Fun and Useful

Easy to use and lots of different categories.

Excellent value

Love the simplycity and all the possible conversions. Great value.

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